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Your Periodontist, Dr. Zablotsky

Dr Zablotsky Bio  implants  periodontics  dentistDr. Mark H. Zablotsky attained his dental degree from the Ohio State University College of Dentistry in 1985. After a brief 3 year stint in the military as a general dentist he completed his periodontal training at the Louisiana State University‘s School of dentistry in 1990. While Dr. Zablotsky practices full-time in Sacramento, he also has had faculty appointments where he taught residents and conducted research on various periodontal topics. He has lectured and published extensively in the U.S. and abroad with a focus on the periodontal aspects of dental implants and regeneration. Dr. Zablotsky is board certified, meaning he is a diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. This is one of the highest recognitions of achievement afforded by the specialty. He is also a fellow and diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He has been on the editorial review board of numerous scientific journals and published over 22 scientific articles, and 5 textbook chapters, and made over 150 presentations in the past 10 years. Since 1990 Dr. Zablotsky has placed more than 5,000 dental implants.

Dr. Zablotsky is committed to the maintenance and restoration of form, function, health, and the aesthetics of your mouth. For three years before becoming a periodontist, Dr. Zablotsky was a restorative dentist. Therefore, he has unique insights into your dental needs.

Your general dentist has determined that you require special care of your gums. By referring you to Dr. Zablotsky, your dentist is showing a strong commitment to optimal dental care.

Periodontal Referral: Why your dentist is referring you to a periodontist
You have been referred to Dr. Zablotsky, a Periodontist.
Teeth and irritated gums close up gum diseasePeriodontal disease is the major cause of about 70 percent of adult tooth loss. It affects three out of four persons at some point in life.The main cause of gum disease is bacterial plaque, a sticky, colorless film that constantly forms on your teeth. If the plaque is not removed, it hardens into a rough, porous deposit called calculus, or tartar. The bacteria in plaque produce toxins, or poisons, that irritate the gums and can make them red, tender, swollen and more likely to bleed easily. As the disease progresses, the toxins destroy supporting tissues around teeth, forming pockets that fill with more plaque. This disease process may permanently damage bone that supports the teeth. Unless treated, the affected teeth can become loose and eventually be lost. Your conscientious removal of plaque by brushing and flossing combined with professional cleaning can minimize your risks of gum disease. However, you may have other factors, such as heredity, smoking, stress, diabetes, certain prescription medications and pregnancy, that can affect the health of your gums. After completing dental school, periodontists like Dr. Zablotsky have had a minimum of two years of extensive advanced training in the treatment of periodontal disease and the placement of dental implants. As specialists, they devote their time, energy and skill to helping people like you who have such needs. Periodontics is one of the eight specialties recognized by the American Dental Association.

After Reviewing Your Medical and Dental History
After reviewing your medical and dental history, Dr. Zablotsky will examine your gums, teeth and mouth. He will look at the color and firmness of your gums, assess which teeth are loose and check how much gum tissue you have lost. He may take necessary x-ray films to evaluate the bone supporting your teeth. After he has this information, Dr. Zablotsky will discuss your condition with you and suggest the most appropriate treatment for your dental health. If you have the earlier stages of gum disease, most of the treatment will involve removing plaque and tartar in the pockets around the teeth, a procedure called scaling. Dr. Zablotsky or his hygienist will then smooth the root surfaces, a procedure called planing. In most cases of early gum disease, scaling, root planing and proper daily cleaning of the teeth is sufficient. See the non-surgical section for more information. If you have more advanced gum disease, you may require surgical treatment. The goal of this treatment is to remove tartar from deep pockets, smooth root surfaces and gum tissue to minimize the depth of the pockets. Dr. Zablotsky is trained to manage many forms of gum disease. The goal of Dr. Zablotsky and his treatment plan is to restore your oral health as expeditiously and conservatively as possible, and then help you to maintain it.

Improved Equipment, Local Anesthetics and Modern Techniques
Beautiful smiling blonde woman with hair in faceImproved equipment, local anesthetics and modern techniques make periodontal treatment more comfortable now than ever before. Although they often are unnecessary, effective medications are available to make you comfortable after treatment. As with other aspects of your periodontal treatment, Dr. Zablotsky will take into consideration your individual needs in regards to your comfort during and after treatment.

The Cost of the Periodontal Treatment Varies
The cost of the periodontal treatment varies, depending on your needs. After Dr. Zablotsky has examined you and determined the appropriate treatment, he can provide you with an estimate of the cost. Keep in mind that treating gum disease is less costly, and better for your health, than replacing teeth lost to untreated gum disease. Treatment is always more predictable, conservative, and most commonly less expensive when the disease is in a less advanced state.

Periodontal treatment is an investment in your health. Dr. Zablotsky's treatment of your periodontal problems will help you achieve a healthy mouth and help to prevent tooth loss. Prompt treatment, proper oral home care and regular dental visits can help you keep your teeth for your lifetime, just as these measures have done for the majority of patients.

Your Dentist and Dr. Zablotsky Working As a Team
Your dentist and Dr. Zablotsky work together as a team to provide you with the best possible care. They will combine their experience to formulate the best treatment plan for you. They will keep each other informed about your progress.

After Dr. Zablotsky has completed your treatment, he will refer you back to your general dentist. However, Dr. Zablotsky may also see you periodically for follow-up care and periodontal treatment. Remember that you are the most important member of the team. The success of your periodontal treatment depends on your interest, participation and commitment.

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