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Dr. Zablotsky's Photography
Dr. Mark Zablotsky has always enjoyed 35mm photography. In this digital age, he now enjoys this hobby so much that he takes photographs on a part-time professional basis. When he leaves the field of dentistry some day (more likely go to part-time dentistry), he plans to make the transition to full-time photographer as his new career. He has maintained professional gallery space in Folsom, California for the past 2 years, has had his photographs in many gallery shows, and has won numerous prizes with financial awards. He leads photographic trips, which in the past couple years included Eastern Africa, Yosemite National Park, the Iditerod in Alaska, through the Grand Canyon rafting on the Colorado River, fall colors in Yellowstone National Park, and the Eastern Sierras, to name a few. Dr. Zablotsky's photographic interests include: sports, theater, dance, landscape and wildlife photography.

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